Whether you have 25 vehicles or thousands, Agile Fleet's robust FleetCommander solution can help you manage and share vehicles and drivers online. We specialized in helping organizations with large vehicle fleets.

Fleet technology to manage & right-size large fleets and motor pools

If a slowdown in vehicle use due to the global pandemic is costing your organization thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in carrying costs, we can help. Whether you have 25 vehicles or thousands, FleetCommander will help you share vehicles, understand your utilization, reduce idle vehicles, and right-size your fleet.

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Automated Motor Pools & Vehicle Sharing

Sharing vehicles is a breeze with FleetCommander. Our solution enables you to eliminate paper processes and offer online motor pool reservations to manage medium to large-scale fleets. Plus, our dispatching solutions automate the management of keys around the clock. And, FleetCommander’s dozens of reports makes right-sizing initiatives effortless. Whether you are starting a motor pool or improving the efficiency of one you have, FleetCommander is the solution for you.

Comprehensive Fleet Management

FleetCommander technologies address nearly every aspect of managing your fleet. From motor pools and assigned vehicles, to maintenance, parts, fuel, accident and risk management, to billing and right-sizing, the FleetCommander fleet management information system (FMIS) simplifies fleet management. And the efficiencies you’ll achieve can save tens of thousands-- even hundreds of thousands -- of dollars. Ask us how we can save thousands for your fleet.

Right-Sizing Fleet Metrics, Reporting & Cost Reduction

Did you know our customers routinely reduce the size of their fleets by 15% or more? From vehicle usage analytics to fuel costs and much more, data collected by FleetCommander gives you a clear picture of what you are spending on your fleet. Easily identify which vehicles to retire, and what types of vehicles you need most. All automated and online. It couldn’t be easier.


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