Ward Automated Fuel Management Systems for fleets maximize efficiency through real-time control and monitoring vehicle fueling access, identifying shrinkage, and consolidating fleet information with in-depth reporting.

Fuel Management Solutions

Secure, cloud-hosted Fuel View software for fleets provides At-A-Glance dashboards showing a bird’s eye view of your site and overall fuel status, with the capability of focusing on details for specific vehicles, tanks, pumps, and Fuel Control Terminals. With Fuel View’s customizable key performance indicators, reports, graphs, and alarm triggers, you will have the most accurate real-time fuel status available.


Pre-defined custom and advanced query functions enable your analysts to quickly generate customized analysis reports without ever having to search through lengthy files or records. Fuel View fueling management software puts the user in charge of the most actionable, timely, and accurate reporting available in any fuel management solution.

Analyze Everything

Selections from within the source list provide a wide range of analytic tools and information corresponding to sites for:

  • Secure employee or vehicle verified fueling access
  • Tank level gauging and management
  • Any fuel, fluid, and EV charging station access
  • Pump transactions
  • Mobile fueling trucks
  • Audit trails
  • Security gate access control and monitoring
  • Vehicle wash access control and monitoring

Vehicle and telematics available for use with Fuel View:

  • Driver behavior alerts
  • Seatbelt monitoring
  • Waste idle time
  • Engine hours and odometer tracking
  • Fuel type and quantity control
  • and more!


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