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ORIGOSafeDriver is a cell phone safety company designed with fleet safety in mind. The solution integrates with telematics and keeps drivers safe by removing the temptation to use their phones while their vehicle is in motion.

ORIGOSafeDriver uses the power of telematics to make cell phone safety truly effective. By pairing our IOX-device with our mobile app, companies are able to prevent their drivers from being distracted by their phones while the vehicle is in motion. Fleet safety policies are an important first step, and ORIGOSafeDriver makes it possible for companies to better enforce their policies and ensure their drivers, fleet, and brand are protected.

What sets ORIGOSafeDriver apart is our robust hardware. With our ability to physically integrate with the Geotab GO Device we can provide unified data and several key benefits including:

Proactive Safety - When paired with our mobile app, once the drivers vehicle goes into motion, the screen is disabled.

Data - Data is transmitted through the hardware instead of the driver’s phone. This is more efficient, accurate, and much less expensive. It also avoids draining the driver’s phone battery and data plan.

Required Compliance - Enforce cell phone policies. Know exactly who is driving and what vehicle they are in.

Real-time coaching - Drivers receive real-time feedback which has proven to change driver behavior.

Authorized Drivers - If an authorized driver is not present, the Safety Director will receive an SMS alert that their vehicle is being operated by an unknown driver.


Join us in helping fleets run more efficiently and most importantly, crash free.




6536 Commonwealth Drive, Roanoke, Virginia 24018, United States



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